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Watch: Is American Sniper A “Psychopath Patriot” or Hero?

American Sniper, the gulf war drama starring Bradley Cooper, has continued to spark divisive debate within the media as the right has lauded Chris Kyle as a true American hero and the left accuses the filmmakers of glorifying a war that should have never happened.

Matt Taibbi from Rolling Stone pointed out that a lot of other commentators, comparing Kyle’s book (where he remorselessly brags about killing “savages”) to the film have pointed out that “real-life Kyle was kind of a dick compared to movie-Kyle.”

The not-so-subtle implication being that Kyle was not as much a hero as someone who enjoyed the war and took competitive pride in racking up as many kills as possible.

Bill Mahr went as far to call Chris Kyle a “Psychopath Patriot” in the below clip.

Politics aside, the film has shattered box office records and beat the mark set by Avatar back in 2009.

According to Box Office Mojo, just eight days into its national theatrical release, the film has brought in over $150 million dollars.

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