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Watch: Adam Scott Hilariously Surprised by Childhood Idol Mark Hamill

When it comes to celebrity idolization, every kid who grew up in the 1970s and ’80s knew the ins and outs of their favorite Star Wars actors. Adam Scott was one of those kids. The Parks and Rec star just appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and dished on his love of Mark Hamill. Little did he know he was in for a huge surprise.

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Adam Scott’s look of befuddlement during the big surprise was priceless.

Adam Scott was telling Kristen Bell (who is guest-hosting for Kimmel temporarily) about how he invited Mark Hamill to his birthday party when he was a kid. Hamill stars as the iconic Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films. “He didn’t show up,” Scott said. “I remember not being crushed or anything. It was fine. I knew he must have been incredibly busy. But I guess it was like two–”

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At that moment, he got cut off by a familiar sounding soundtrack. John Williams’ score from Star Wars started playing as Scott looked befuddled. Then, the camera cut over to a dark room filled with stars and smoke. A solitary figure stood holding a green lightsaber. That’s when Scott realized what was going on. “No, no way!” he said.

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That’s love, right there.

As Mark Hamill strode through the door, Scott shouted “No f-cking way!”

Hamill simply replied, “I’m sorry I missed your birthday.”

Watch the video here:


Looks like Hamill more than made up for missing Adam Scott’s birthday party. Chances are, he couldn’t ask for a better gift.

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