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Stan Lee Skips Big Apple Comic-Con for Health Reasons

Stan Lee Big Apple Comic-Con

Does it even count as Comic-Con if Stan Lee isn’t there? The Marvel big shot didn’t end up attending the Big Apple Comic-Con this past weekend. Sure, it wasn’t the massive San Diego Comic-Con he had to bail on, but east coast fans are no doubt mourning the fact that Lee couldn’t make it. It’s especially worrisome that he had to …

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Stan Lee Celebrates Accidental 75-Year Career with Marvel

Stan Lee MovieSpoon.com Marvel

It seems like there never was a time when Stan Lee wasn’t associated with Marvel Comics. It simply couldn’t exist without him, right? In commemoration of his 75th anniversary with Marvel, Stan Lee took a look back at how he got started because–believe it or not–he hasn’t been there forever. In a video examining his origins with Marvel, Stan Lee …

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Stan Lee Did WHAT During Cameo Filming? James Gunn Spills on the Shoot

Stan Lee James Gunn MovieSpoon.com

We already knew that Stan Lee had filmed a bunch of cameos in a row for the upcoming Marvel movies on the schedule, but we had no idea the Marvel mogul had such a wild time shooting them. Director James Gunn, who directed three of the cameos, shared some behind-the-scenes news about the filming process on Facebook. “It was definitely …

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Which 3 Marvel Heroes Would Stan Lee Have Dinner With?

Stan Lee Dinner MovieSpoon.com

We’ve all played that classic dinner party game of asking, “If you could have dinner with any fictional character, who would you pick?” Well, what if you just so happened to be someone like Stan Lee, who just so happens to have created a bunch of fictional characters? Stan Lee is one of the founding fathers of Marvel Comics, responsible …

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Stan Lee Unveils Next 3 Hilarious Marvel Cameos

Stan Lee Cameos MovieSpoon.com

From taking on the role of a Smithsonian security guard to a expertly playing a hot dog vendor, Stan Lee‘s cameos in the Marvel films are always a cute little gag. Sure, some people complain about his moments of glory taking them out of film by breaking the fourth wall, but doesn’t he deserve his moment in the spotlight for …

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Stan Lee’s LEAST Favorite Marvel Movie Surprises No One

Stan Lee Least Favorite Marvel Movie MovieSpoon.com

We all know who Stan Lee‘s favorite Marvel actor is (let’s be honest, we knew it would be Chris Evans even before Lee made it official), but what about his least favorite? Nobody had the guts to ask him if he disliked any of the actors, but Comic Book Resources did have the courage to press him on his least favorite …

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Stan Lee Has A Favorite Marvel Actor & We’re Not Surprised Who!

Stan Lee Chris Evans MovieSpoon.com

With Chris Evans‘ charming smile and ripped body nice-guy persona, he’s won over a lot of fans–including Stan Lee. In a recent appearance on Larry King Now, King put the pressure on Lee by asking him who is favorite Marvel actor is. Isn’t that almost like asking who his favorite child is? Nonetheless, Lee’s response came quickly. King asked, “Who’s …

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