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The 16 Greatest Movie Villains Will Make You Join the Dark Side

Greatest Movie Villains Darth Vader MovieSpoon.com

As much as everyone likes to cheer on the hero, there are certain movies where you can’t help but feel some sympathy for the baddie. Sometimes, combinations of great writing and acting come together to make the movie villains the star of the show. In fact, villains can be even more memorable than heroes thanks to their dastardly deeds, charisma and …

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Netflix’s 10 Best September Releases: You CAN’T Miss #6

Netflix September MovieSpoon.com

The kids are headed back to school, summer’s warmth will soon depart and the tent-pole blockbusters will begin to leave the cinema until the holidays roll around. Thank goodness there’s Netflix to ward off the doldrums of a month where nothing much fun seems to happen. So finish up your homework and fill up your queue with these 10 Netflix …

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Review: ‘The Shallows’ Treads Sensibly Through Bloody Waters

The Shallows MovieSpoon.com

It’s hard to watch The Shallows and not draw comparisons to Steven Spielberg’s Jaws. All the elements are there: a murderous shark lurking in the depths, a cello theme to back him up and a scrappy survivor who gets in a good shot with a well-timed expletive. It sure does borrow a lot, but, if you’re going to make a …

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‘5-25-77’ Is About A Kid Bitten By Star Wars

5-25-77 MovieSpoon

It is safe to say that the first Star Wars film changed the course of the film industry in the United States. With a spare budget, a cowboys and Indians script and some novel comedic touches, suddenly all things from far, far away galaxies were all the rave. Especially if you happen to be Patrick Read Johnson. For Johnson, a …

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