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Rampage Narrowly Stomps The Competition For Weekend Debut

Box Office Report 4/15/18

Keeping with the recent trend of movies based on video games, Rampage charged into cinemas this weekend and fought its way to the top, though not with the most impressive of first-weekend grosses. On its debut, the Dwayne Johnson-starring action picture brought in $34.5 million. That’s relatively low for a $120 million blockbuster with the star power of Dwayne Johnson. It’s unlikely that the film will make its budget with such a small opening and a very mixed critic consensus.

Not far behind at all from Rampage is the small horror film, A Quiet Place, bringing in another $32.6 million for a domestic total of $99.6 million. The good word of mouth and early praise for John Krasinski’s horror film is proving to be very successful as the film has only taken a 35% dip in its second weekend when going up against a big-budget popcorn movie. Expect it to stick around much longer.

Also debuting this weekend to take advantage of Friday the 13th was Blumhouse’s new horror film, Truth or Dare. The film opened with a $19 million gross, quickly clearing the $3.5 million budget. Despite weak reviews, it’s another rousing financial success for the horror-production studio.

The abundance of new films sent another toppling. Steven Spielberg’s nostalgia-laced adventure Ready Player One took a 54% drop, only making $11.2 million in its third weekend. Still, it’s one of the early successes of the year for having already cleared $100 million and doing rather well internationally. Also dropping fast is Blockers, the parental comedy of mixed reviews, taking a 49% drop. But, again, its total domestic take sits steady at $36 million for its $21 million budget. And finally making a more significant fall in the ranking is the superhero box office juggernaut, Black Panther, descending to #6 for a weekend gross of $5.3 million. I don’t think I have to reiterate how successful the film has been since February, nearly close to $700 million domestic.

Expanding further this weekend and climbing the box office chart is Wes Anderson’s stop-motion comedy Isle of Dogs. Having ballooned to another 1,300 theaters, the film grossed $5 million for the weekend, bringing its domestic total up to $18.4 million.

View the full list below.

  1. Rampage ($34,500,000)
  2. A Quiet Place ($32,600,000)
  3. Truth or Dare ($19,080,000)
  4. Ready Player One ($11,205,000)
  5. Blockers ($10,295,000)
  6. Black Panther ($5,342,000)
  7. Isle of Dogs ($5,000,000)
  8. I Can Only Imagine ($3,837,220)
  9. Tyler Perry’s Acrimony ($3,700,000)
  10. Chappaquiddick ($3,025,000)

Next weekend will be a battle of the comedic sexes as the Broken Lizard troupe return to the road for Super Troopers 2, and Amy Schumer plays the ugly girl seeking acceptance in I Feel Pretty.

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