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Opening Friday: Will Smith And Margot Robbie In Dark Crime Comedy ‘Focus’

‘Focus,’ the genre busting crime capper / dark comedy from Directors Glenn Ficarr and John Requa opens on Friday 2/27 and stars Will Smith and Margot Robbie.

The story centers around Smith, a con man, who takes in the young and beautiful Margot Robbie as his apprentice of sorts and when a woman from his past appears Smith gets thrown for a loop and things go a bit haywire.

The film has gotten positive reviews and this will also be Smith’s first R-Rated film since Bad Boys in 2003. Focus looks good, really good – a fun action, comedy with a great story (and with lots of eye candy!).

Focus Casting Trivia
The casting for Focus has some interesting side notes. Will Smith’s role was originally for Ryan Gosling but he dropped out. The role was then offered to Brad Pitt who turned it down due to “scheduling conflicts.” The part was then offered to Will Smith.

Similarly, the female lead was originally slated for Kristin Stewart but she dropped out. Auditioning for replacement included a host of talent including Michelle Williams, Jessica Biel, Rose Byrne and Olivia Munn before the role finally went to Margot Robbie.

Margot Robbie was vacationing with her brother on an island in Croatia when she got the call that the directors want to audition her. She arrived at the hotel at 6 a.m., and her flight was taking off on the same day. She packed everything in 20 minutes, took a catamaran to the main island, then on a bus to the airport.

She waited in the airport for 6 hours, then flew to France where she waited another 6 hours before arriving in New York. When arriving in New York, she found out that her luggage was lost and she was only wearing a pair of denim shorts and a shirt, with no makeup. However, she got to the audition in time but Will Smith was running late.

When Smith arrived, saying that he “was coming from Queens”, Robbie frustratingly said ‘Yeah? Well, I just came from an island off Croatia and I’m here on time.'” She said that she considers that it won her the role.

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