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Movie Review: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ Is Funny, Fast & Familiar

It’s almost alien to think of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 as a Marvel superhero movie as it breaks gleefully from the pack. There’s no connecting superhero cameo as this series continues to remain in its own universe, but there’s a surprise of a celebrity cameo that is as hilarious as it is fitting of Peter’s geeky desires.

There’s no big blue laser for the heroes to stop from blowing up the Earth, but an angry god threatening to consume the entire universe unless they blow up his giant brain. The movie still has to include heaps of CGI in the finale, however, including the familiar trope of a big wave of destruction that gobbles up cities where citizens flee by disaster movie rules.

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Peter Quill is at his forte.

There’s no planet that feels as though it were shot in the California countryside or ship interior that appears as a beer factory. Everything feels very otherworldly and alien with worlds both polished and grimy. And unlike a lot of superhero ensembles that race through standard scenes of action and banal monologuing, Guardians still manages to make time to laugh at its own silliness. Sometimes you just have to take a moment in your science fiction film to laugh at the goofy names and weird faces.

Vol. 2 may not bring more depth to the characters or even the sense of “family” that it kept bluntly pushing, but have as much fun as the previous movie. This ensemble, despite having to share much of their screentime in this overstuffed picture, have such lovable comradery and charm that they could make even the most formulaic of superhero plots a blast to watch.


With its distinctive style, unconventional plotlines and humor all its own, coming back to such a series felt like a much needed break from the other Marvel movies that either adhere to a formula or serve as bridges for the next Avengers movie. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 takes just enough time to stop and smell the odd roses of an alien planet before blowing it up into a million pieces to the tune of Cheap Trick.

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