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Marvel Madness: HYDRA, Stan Lee’s Fav Marvel Actor & Brie Larson Marvel Casting



PopsterVideo/MovieSpoon editor Katie Meschke talks all the Marvel HYDRA Madness, Stan Lee’s favorite Marvel actor and Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel casting deal!

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Watch: Melissa McCarthy, Will Arnett & Other Celebrities Audition to be Young Han Solo in HILARIOUS Video



Young Han Solo

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith the Star Wars franchise continuing its massive expansion, there are plenty of new roles to be cast. The most recent name added to the actor roster is Alden Ehrenreich, who will be playing a younger version of Han Solo, who was originally played by Harrison Ford. The movie, currently called Untitled Han Solo Star Wars Anthology Film, is set for release in 2018.

Young Han Solo

Alden Ehrenreich will be stepping into Harrison Ford’s shoes.

Though Ehrenreich landed the role by building up some impressive credits, such as the Coen Brothers’ Hail, Caesar!, Steven Spielberg originally discovered the 26-year-old actor at a bat mitzvah.

Other actors competing for the Han Solo role included Taron Egerton (Kingsman: The Secret Service) and Ansel Elgort (The Fault in Our Stars). However, Disney revealed in May that the competition didn’t quite make the cut.

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Though we may have missed out on the behind-the-scenes action of the casting, a recent Conan sketch showed off what other celebrities would look like auditioning to play the Millennium Falcon pilot.

Melissa McCarthy, Will Arnett, Adam Sandler and Kumail Nanjiani all take a stab at the role, as well as Thomas Middleditch, Jodie Foster, 50 Cent, Jeff Goldblum and Bill Hader.

Check it out here:


If these clips are anything like the competition Ehrenreich faced, well, he was a shoo-in.

Will Arnett can’t pronounce Han Solo’s name, Bill Hader acts like a spoiled teenager, Melissa McCarthy wears a bizarre wig, and that’s just the start of it. Thomas Middleditch argues about whether Han would carry a lightsaber, Jodie Foster refuses to give her name, Adam Sandler does typical Adam Sandler, Kumail Nanjiani accuses the casting directors of being racist, 50 Cent blocks the whole screen with his pistol and Jeff Goldblum gets fussy about “phraseology.”

Though it’s not clear if Alden Ehrenreich will be as funny as these folks, he surely has the look down a bit better, and that’s a good start.

MovieSpoon Staff

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Watch Nikki Glaser Explain Why Low Self-Esteem Is Comedic Gold



Nikki Glaser

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]tand-up comedian Nikki Glaser returned to television this year with Comedy Central’s Not Safe With Nikki Glaser. With a rotating panel of comedians, the host and executive producer discusses all things sex- and dating-related. Glaser discusses her attraction to comedy and life leading up to comedy in our video series Momentum: A Day in the Life, which offers viewers a glimpse into the busy lives of influential young celebrities.

“Being pretty was always a very big thing growing up,” Glaser recalls. “My sister was very, very beautiful and I was very not. Doing comedy is the greatest thing ever because you don’t have to do that, and I’ve since learned to let go of that.”

Letting go of superficial concerns allowed Glaser to become more open as a social commentator and a dedicated creative force behind her television show. “Nikki is one of the hardest working people I know,” her boyfriend and co-producer Chris Convoy says of the star, noting how much she contributes to every part of the series.

Even though Glaser spends much of her show and her stand-up expressing the most “flawed” parts of herself, the comedian refuses to sacrifice her self-esteem for her art. “I would much rather be someone with high self-esteem and less funny,” she admits.

Not Safe is in the middle of its first season currently.

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Interview: J.J. Abrams Sits Down To Talk Star Wars



Cool interview with Director J.J. Abrams on Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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