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February, 2017

  • 2 February

    Trailer: Robert De Niro Gets Bitter Laughs in ‘The Comedian’

    The Comedian Trailer Robert De Niro MovieSpoon.com

    Release date: February 3, 2017 (NY, LA) Studio: Sony Pictures Classics Director: Taylor Hackford MPAA Rating: R (for crude sexual references and language throughout) Starring: Robert De Niro, Leslie Mann, Danny DeVito, Edie Falco, Veronica Ferres, Charles Grodin, Cloris Leachman, Patti LuPone, Harvey Keitel An aging comic icon, Jackie (Robert De Niro) has seen better days.  Despite his efforts to …

January, 2017

  • 31 January

    Trailer: ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is Everything You Dreamed

    Beauty and the Beast Trailer MovieSpoon.com

    Release date: March 17, 2017 Studio: Walt Disney Pictures Director: Bill Condon MPAA Rating: PG (for some action violence, peril and frightening images) Starring: Kevin Kline, Emma Watson, Sir Ian McKellen, Josh Gad, Luke Evans, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Dan Stevens, Audra McDonald, Stanley Tucci, Ewan McGregor Disney will release “Beauty and the Beast” in 3D on March 17, 2017. The beloved …

  • 27 January

    Trailer: Michael Shannon Faces Gambling Addiction in ‘Wolves’

    Michael Shannon Wolves MovieSpoon.com

    Release date: March 3, 2017 Studio: IFC Films Directors: Bart Freundlich MPAA Rating: N/A Starring: Carla Gugino, Michael Shannon, Jessica Rothe, Zazie Beetz, Chris Bauer, Wayne Duvall An 18-year-old basketball star who is being recruited by Cornell University seems to have it all figured out: captain of his team, a good student, has a longtime girlfriend and some good friends. But at home he’s …

  • 26 January

    Trailer: ‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ is a Symphony of Violence

    John Wick Chapter 2 Trailer MovieSpoon.com

    Release date: February 10, 2017 Studio: Lionsgate Directors: David Leitch, Chad Stahelski MPAA Rating: R (for strong violence throughout, some language and brief nudity) Starring: Keanu Reeves, Common , John Leguizamo, Lance Reddick, Tom Sadowski, Bridget Moynahan, Ruby Rose, Riccardo Scamarcio, Peter Stormare, Ian McShane Directors and stunt coordinators Chad Stahelski and David Leitch are in development on a sequel …

  • 23 January

    Trailer: Charlie Hunnam Gets His Brawl On in ‘King Arthur’

    Charlie Hunnam King Arthur Trailer MovieSpoon.com

    Release date: May 12, 2017 Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures Director: Guy Ritchie MPAA Rating: N/A Starring: Charlie Hunnam, Astrid Berges-Frisbey, Djimon Hounsou, Aidan Gillen, Jude Law, Eric Bana Acclaimed filmmaker Guy Ritchie brings his dynamic style to the epic fantasy action adventure “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.” Starring Charlie Hunnam in the title role, the film is an iconoclastic …

  • 18 January

    Trailer: Woody Harrelson Gets Brash & Goofy in ‘Wilson’

    Woody Harrelson Wilson Trailer MovieSpoon.com

    Release date: March 24, 2017 Studio: Fox Searchlight Pictures Director: Craig Johnson MPAA Rating: N/A Starring: Woody Harrelson, Laura Dern, Judy Greer, Cheryl Hines, Isabella Amara Woody Harrelson stars as Wilson, a lonely, neurotic and hilariously honest middle-aged misanthrope who reunites with his estranged wife (Laura Dern) and gets a shot at happiness when he learns he has a teenage …

  • 13 January

    Trailer: Dax Shepard & Michael Pena Get Rowdy in ‘CHIPS’

    CHIPS Trailer MovieSpoon.com

    Release date: March 24, 2017 Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures Director: Dax Shepard MPAA Rating: R (for crude sexual content, graphic nudity, pervasive language, some violence and drug use) Screenwriter: Dax Shepard Starring: Dax Shepard, Michael Pena, Rosa Salazar, Adam Brody, Kristen Bell, Vincent D’Onofrio Jon Baker (Dax Shepard) and Frank “Ponch” Poncherello (Michael Peña) have just joined the California Highway …

  • 12 January

    Trailer: Horror Anthology ‘XX’ is St. Vincent’s Directorial Debut

    XX Horror Anthology Trailer MovieSpoon.com

    Release date: February 17,2017 Studio: Magnolia Pictures Director: Roxanne Benjamin, Sofia Carrillo, Karyn Kusama, St. Vincent, Jovanka Vuckovic MPAA Rating: N/A Starring: Melanie Lynskey, Sheila Vand, Mike Doyle, Natalie Brown, Angela Trimbur, Kyle Allen, Peter DaCunha, Peyton Kennedy, Breeda Wool, Christina Kirk XX is a new all-female helmed horror anthology featuring four dark tales written and directed by fiercely talented women: Annie …

  • 10 January

    Trailer: Woody Harrelson’s ‘Lost in London’ is the First Live Movie Ever

    Lost in London Trailer Woody Harrelson MovieSpoon.com

    Release date: January 19, 2017 Studio: Fathom Events Director: Woody Harrelson MPAA Rating: N/A Starring: Woody Harrelson, Owen Wilson, Willie Nelson In the words of Oscar Wilde, “An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.” Lost in London is the first of its kind to merge the excitement of live theatre and the nuance of …

  • 9 January

    Trailer: ‘David Bowie: The Last Five Years’ Airs on BBC

    David Bowie: The Last Five Years MovieSpoon.com

    Almost a year after David Bowie‘s death, a new documentary is going to shed light on what was likely the most challenging time of Bowie’s life. David Bowie: The Last Five Years will take a look at the tragic time leading up to the rock legend’s death. Directed by Francis Whately, David Bowie: The Last Five Years will lead through the production of …