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Review: “Super Troopers 2” is a Fuller, Thicker Mustachioed Comedy

The comedy troupe Broken Lizard returns to the road for another batch of skits about highway patrolmen going Animal House on the job. Worth noting is that the ensemble and their fans made Super Troopers 2 possible thanks to campaigns to raise funding for the film. While their fervent desire to brandish the badges and mustaches once more wasn’t exactly …

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Review: “A Quiet Place” Screams with Silent Suspense

A lesser film might have made this story’s apocalyptic threat of bizarre monsters take place on day 1, but A Quiet Place makes the wise call of telling its story roughly 400 days later. I’ve seen the humanity collapses movie before and they’re usually pretty clunky in stumbling towards the danger. Here is a movie where the terror is present …

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Review: Rampage is a Monster Mash Most Mild

An exhausted Dwayne Johnson watches a giant wolf fly through the air on webbed arms, muttering to himself “Of course the wolf flies.” Naturally. Why wouldn’t it in a movie where mysterious gasses turn predatory animals into city-destroying giants? It’s that loose logic that makes these spectacles entertaining. I only wish the film had a little more of that self-awareness …

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Review: “Pacific Rim Uprising” Repeats More Mecha and Monster Action

Pacific Rim Uprising MovieSpoon

Uprising could be considered the safe bet for a sequel regarding the risk of a new cast and a first-time director. It doesn’t exactly reinvent the robot, merely adding a few new twists, weapons, and monsters to the familiar plot of the human-built Jaegers versus the monstrous Kaijus. But as someone who grew adoring the likes of Gundam, Robotech, and …

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Black Panther Reaches Another Milestone While Tomb Raider Hangs On

Box office report March 18, 2018 Another weekend, another landmark achievement for Marvel’s Black Panther, by far one of their most successful features to date. Though the box office is starting to wind down for the film being on its fifth weekend, bringing in only $27 million, it’s still at #1 and has now crossed over $600 million domestic. If …

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Review: “Tomb Raider” Trades Dumb Adventure for Dull Grit


The original Tomb Raider movies received a lot of flak for being silly, but they were honestly no more silly than most James Bond style treasure hunting films. Those directors and Angelina Jolie were smart enough to know that you can’t make movies about the Illuminati, attacking statues, and golden spheres too seriously. Still, most fans and critics didn’t seem …

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Box Office: Black Panther Crosses $1 Billion Worldwide

black panther

Box Office Report March 11, 2018 It was a rather interesting weekend as two Disney films directed by black director battled for the top slot. The winner was as expected, but it was almost a close call. Black Panther, the Marvel superhero picture now in its fourth weeks, was once again #1 for the weekend, bringing in $41.1 million. This …

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Review: “A Wrinkle in Time” is a Beautiful Mess of Bluntness

Wrinkle In Time MovieSpoon

There’s a slew of inspirational messages in this film, and Ava Duvernay wants to make sure every young person hears them. She does so by repeating and stating them so directly and forcefully I almost expected her to jump out of the screen and start shaking every preteen girl into being positive. That’s a profound goal for such a director …

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Review: “Death Wish” is a Clunky Mess of Guns-Gushing Insanity

I always admired Death Wish more as an oddity than a genuinely great action picture. It’s a little hard to become invested in a film series known for gratuitous amounts of graphic violence and rape, many times in the same scene. And while the Death Wish remake thankfully avoids become the exploitation mess it could have been, the film is …

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