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Black Panther Reaches Another Milestone While Tomb Raider Hangs On

Box office report March 18, 2018

Another weekend, another landmark achievement for Marvel’s Black Panther, by far one of their most successful features to date. Though the box office is starting to wind down for the film being on its fifth weekend, bringing in only $27 million, it’s still at #1 and has now crossed over $600 million domestic. If you’re playing along at home with the numbers, it should be worth noting that the film has already made more money domestically than Avengers: Age of Ultron and is just under $20 million from surpassing Marvel’s The Avengers.

The drop in gross came from the appeal of the weekend’s latest action picture, Tomb Raider, based on the video game series and starring Alicia Vikander. The film brought in $23.5 million for its opening, coming close to toppling Black Panther, but still coming up short of covering its $94 million budget. Considering the wealth of genre pictures coming up in the following weeks, don’t expect Tomb Raider to hang around for very long.

Just below the action-adventure Tomb Raider is the family-friendly drama I Can Only Imagine, making $17 million for its debut weekend. The soft drama starring Dennis Quaid and Cloris Leachman only cost $7 million to make, making the film a solid success. The other debut is the teen romance Love, Simon, earning $11.5 million. Despite being in third place among the new films of the weekend, the healthy Rotten Tomatoes score and good word of mouth may keep it hanging around for a bit.

And there were some big drops this weekend. The most prominent was A Wrinkle in Time, Disney’s fantasy picture based on the children’s novel, suffering from a low critic rating and audience score that made the film take a monumental 50% dip in its second weekend. The dark comedy Game Night and the family film Peter Rabbit are proving their worth to have legs, still in the top 10 and only taking drops below 30%. The only other film dipping as hard as A Wrinkle in Time is Eli Roth’s Death Wish, sliding all the way down to the 10 spot in its third weekend.

View the full top 10 below.

Black Panther ($27,024,000)
Tomb Raider ($23,525,000)
I Can Only Imagine ($17,064,640)
A Wrinkle in Time ($16,565,000)
Love, Simon ($11,500,000)
Game Night ($5,570,000)
Peter Rabbit ($5,200,000)
Strangers: Prey at Night ($4,810,000)
Red Sparrow ($4,450,000)
Death Wish ($3,368,000)

Next weekend could find Black Panther finally being dethroned by the debut of Pacific Rim Uprising, the giant robot sci-fi action sequel to 2013’s Pacific Rim. Other debuts for the weekend will include the animated kid comedy Sherlock Gnomes and the religious epic Paul, Apostle of Christ.

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