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Benedict Cumberbatch Reveals What’s on Doctor Strange’s Quirky Playlist

It was almost a little surprising to hear a Beyonce reference in Doctor Strange. But it wouldn’t be Marvel without a few quirks. Now Benedict Cumberbatch is opening up on just how strange Stephen Strange’s playlists get.

In a recent interview, Cumberbatch mentioned the similarities between his musical tastes and Doctor Strange’s.

“There’s lots of stuff I listen to which he may, he may listen to,” Cumberbatch said. “Radiohead would feature. Elbow. I’m just mentioning all my favorite bands. No, I mean, if he can go from Chuck Mangione to Pink Floyd, I think you’re covering a lot of bases. It would be a very, very interesting time as a DJ. And why not? Why not?”


Of course, there’s another Marvel star who enjoys mixtapes. Star-Lord, played by Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy, rocks out to his mom’s favorite ’80s tunes all the time.

When the Collider interviewer brought it up, Cumberbatch jumped right in. “Yeah! We should exchange tapes!” he said.

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The interviewer then said Doctor Strange could help bring Star-Lord up to the modern era, to which Cumberbatch replied, “That is a great idea. Both Star-Lord and Strange have quite a lot of music going on in their worlds.”

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