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Review: “Super Troopers 2” is a Fuller, Thicker Mustachioed Comedy

The comedy troupe Broken Lizard returns to the road for another batch of skits about highway patrolmen going Animal House on the job. Worth noting is that the ensemble and their fans made Super Troopers 2 possible thanks to campaigns to raise funding for the film. While their fervent desire to brandish the badges and mustaches once more wasn’t exactly …

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Rampage Narrowly Stomps The Competition For Weekend Debut

Box Office Report 4/15/18 Keeping with the recent trend of movies based on video games, Rampage charged into cinemas this weekend and fought its way to the top, though not with the most impressive of first-weekend grosses. On its debut, the Dwayne Johnson-starring action picture brought in $34.5 million. That’s relatively low for a $120 million blockbuster with the star …

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A Quiet Place Makes a Loud Impact at the Box Office

Box office report 4/9/18. There was a lot of buzzing about the new horror film, A Quiet Place, since it premiered last month at SXSW. And all that early buzz seemed to have paid off considerably as the movie ended up being #1 for the weekend by a wide margin. The John Krasinski directed film debuted with a $50 million …

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Review: “A Quiet Place” Screams with Silent Suspense

A lesser film might have made this story’s apocalyptic threat of bizarre monsters take place on day 1, but A Quiet Place makes the wise call of telling its story roughly 400 days later. I’ve seen the humanity collapses movie before and they’re usually pretty clunky in stumbling towards the danger. Here is a movie where the terror is present …

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Review: Rampage is a Monster Mash Most Mild

An exhausted Dwayne Johnson watches a giant wolf fly through the air on webbed arms, muttering to himself “Of course the wolf flies.” Naturally. Why wouldn’t it in a movie where mysterious gasses turn predatory animals into city-destroying giants? It’s that loose logic that makes these spectacles entertaining. I only wish the film had a little more of that self-awareness …

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